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Fully Enclosed Metal Buildings

Looking for a way to protect your vehicle from all sorts of weather disturbances and many more? Then a fully enclosed metal building is just the right thing for you! It serves as the best and most recommended protection when it comes to your vehicles.

Still trying to decide what carport you should sign up for? Below is a list of the types you can have according to your needs and preferences:

Types of Metal Carport

  • Gable Roof Carport
    Starting off with the most popular and most used carport, the gable roof carport. In this kind of metal carport, its two slopes are facing each other which are also overlapping on the ridge. One good thing about this kind of carport is that it is sturdy and can adequately protect your vehicle from various elements.
  • Flat Roof Carport
    When it comes to flat-roof carports, it is composed of a sheet of metal that is attached to the walls and a railing. Its advantage is that going for a flat roof can save you more cost as compared to the gable roof.
  • Dutch Gable
    Dutch gable and gable roofs are quite similar in terms of width. However, in terms of the dutch gable, it has a sloped roof that sits right above the gable’s peak with the sides leaning back to a 45-degree angle. And one of its distinct difference from a gable roof is that it does not have any vertical beams.
  • Hip Roof Carport
    It also goes by the name shed roof carport which possesses 4 different slopes that meet at a peak. Out of all the types of carports, the hip roof is the sturdiest and most durable one. It is best recommended to apply for this carport if you reside in a very windy area.
  • Skillion Carport
    Skillion carports are similar to flat roofs. These carports however, have a slightly angles roof. Additionally, it is quite easy to build and can be attached to your house or can be a free-standing carport

How is it Built?

Step 1: Level the site
Before anything else gets started in the metal carport development, it must first be ensured that the site is clear of any debris or vegetation. Afterward, the leveling of the ground follows which allows the carport structure to stay balanced.

Step 2: Digging of Post Holes
Next up is the digging of post holes where pegs are driven into the ground at each of the corners with strings attached between them.

Step 3: Lay the Foundation
The third step is the beginning of the placement of the foundation of your metal carports. Here you would get a slight glimpse of what the metal carport would look like.

Step 4: Assembling of the Frames and Panels
After the foundation has been set out and placed into position, it is now time to assemble the frames and the panels of the metal carport. In this step, the rest of the parts are assembled in the same way to create the interior framing,

Step 5: Adding the Roof
Lastly, is the roof placement. The roof is fastened on top of the rafters and should be ensured that it is secured in place.

Ready to build a metal carport?

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