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Confused about whether to have a carport or a garage? It may seem quite costly whenever you think about having both of them which leads you to have limited options. But what if there is a much more budget-friendly way that lets you have both of these metal structures? The perfect structure that can fulfill your carport and garage needs at the same time at a lesser cost, is with the use of combo units.

Combo units or combinational units have coined their name for a purpose. You may consider it a hybrid structure that contains both the properties of carports and garages. These steel buildings are commonly referred to as utility carports or carports with garages. Its design includes a carport attached to a steel garage or workshop. In other words, it is a 2-in-1 metal building that fulfills the needs of people without worrying about the boundary of their budgets.

If you are one of the many people who is looking for a much more practical way to have their needs met, then going for combinational units is the best recommendation. It is the ideal way that provides you with your vehicle protection and storage needs without having to break your banks in the process. Jump into the heat of combo units and experience convenience at its finest with Metal Carport Depot!

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Looking for the most affordable way to achieve a carport and a garage metal structure? Combo Units are just the right steel structure for you! These buildings are built to supply the vehicle protection and storage needs of people.

Combo units come in various sizes. In order to choose the right size and shape for your needs, below is a list of the combo unit types and sizes.

Types of Combo Units

  • Standard Sizes (12 ft – 24 ft wide, 21 ft – 41 ft long)
    • Vertical Roof Combo Unit (21 ft wide by 41 ft long)
    • A Frame Boxed Eve Carport (20 ft by 26 ft)
    • Regular Roof Combo Unit
    • 12 ft by 26 ft – 20 ft by 26 ft
    • 12 ft by 31 ft – 20 ft by 31 ft
    • 12 ft by 36 ft – 20 ft by 36 ft
    • 12 ft by 41 ft – 20 ft by 41 ft
    • 18 ft by 26 ft – 22 ft by 26 ft
    • 18 ft by 31 ft – 22 ft by 31 ft
    • 18 ft by 36 ft – 22 ft by 36 ft
    • 18 ft by 41 ft – 22 ft by 41 ft

How is it Built?

Step 1: Choosing the Design and Size
In every construction project, the very first step in its development is choosing and finalizing the design and size of the metal structure.

Step 2: Engineering and Manufacturing
Once the design and sizes have been finalized and approved, the fabrication of your steel building now follows. The needed materials in your combo unit construction shall be carefully cut out and prepared for use.

Step 3: Site Preparation
Before the construction has been put into action, the site shall first be examined and leveled out to ensure that the structure will be properly developed.

Step 4: Framing
In this phase, the I-beams and support columns shall be installed

Step 5: Sheeting
After the framing has been accomplished, the sheeting process follows. Here, the wall panels are installed and secured to the secondary framing. After this follows the roof installation which shall depend on the preferences of the client.

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