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Advantages and Drawbacks of Steel Buildings in Utah

Steel buildings have been one of the greatest choices in the construction industry. Its methods enabled many projects to possess advantages that can prolong their use and life over time. However, just like the other construction methods, steel building construction also has its own line of advantages and disadvantages. Curious about what these are? Read more about it down below:

Advantages of Steel Buildings

            Every construction method has its own characteristics that set it off from the rest of the group. And for steel buildings these are:

High Reliability

            Whenever structural projects are made into action, their reliability would always be considered. And during the process, the materials that would be used all throughout the construction would greatly impact the structure’s reliability level. When it comes to steel structures, these are very reliable.

            Consistency, uniformity in properties, quality control, high elasticity, and ductility are a few of the many properties that allow steel structures to be very reliable. All of these are present in every steel building type including prefabricated steel buildings. There is also a variation when it comes to the types of steel buildings wherein each of them possesses its own level of yielding stress, ultimate strength, and elongation.

Lesser Construction Time

            In construction projects, the greatest enemy of the team, and workers is time. Usually, the expected accomplishment date would be overdue to some unexpected discrepancies. And when such scenarios arise, there would be a conflict in all the future schedules that have been set. This would eat more time and could affect the progress and build of the structure.

            When it comes to steel buildings, time would be a lesser threat than it used to be. Due to the industrial nature of steel structures, the progress of the work needed to be done is fast. Allowing the accomplishment of the project just in time or even earlier than the expected date.

Ability to show Warning Signs before Failure

            Ductility is deemed as the ability of a material to withstand extensive deformation without failure under high tensile strength. This property is present in the steel materials used in metal building construction. Its percentage elongation of standard tension stress can reach up to 25% – 30%. Allowing visible deflections of evidence of impending failure if ever overload occurs.

            This allows you to properly monitor the state of the steel building and assess whether it is due for renovation or not. This had been a great leverage since damages and accidents could be avoided due to the proper and easy monitoring of the structure.


            Just like any other construction method, steel buildings also have its own line of disadvantages and these are:

Fireproofing Costs

            Steel is a combustible material. But despite this, the strength of steel would still be gravely affected and reduced as the temperature increases. Whenever 400 degrees Celsius is reached, creep becomes more possible. This is a situation where deformation occurs under a constant load for a certain period of time.

            Creeps would lead to the deflections of the main members which would push the other members of the structure to higher stress or worse would lead it to collapse. To ensure and boost the heat conduction of the metal, additional cost for fireproofing would be needed. Thus taking quite a toll on your banks.

Subject to Buckling

            Steel structures are made up of steel sections that consist of a combination of thin plates. And as compared to concrete members, the overall steel dimension of metal structures is smaller. When steel structures have been subject to compression, there would be a high chance of buckling. Making compression one of the enemies of steel buildings.

Little to no Aesthetic

            Steel buildings are known for the strength and durability it offers. However, it’s visual standing in terms of aesthetics is quite low since these cannot be fully be customized to meet the visual standings of other construction methods.

            Although of course, it is still possible to improve and enhance the appearance of steel structures. All you would have to do is exert a considerable cost on cladding. This is one of the methods used in boosting the visuals of metal structures where it covers the surface of the metal thus completely enclosing it. Making it more visually appealing.

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