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Are you one of the many people who love going on trips? If you are, then you certainly possess a recreational vehicle or in short an RV. This kind of vehicle is the perfect fit for any road trip since it can carry specific loads and includes almost all the necessities needed during this activity. Typically, RVs are a lot bigger and taller than the usual vehicles we see on the streets. This makes them more difficult to maintain and take care of.

Good thing that similar to carports, these recreational vehicles also have a specialized metal structure that will serve as protection from the outdoors. Its purpose is quite similar to metal carports where it protects the vehicle from inclement weather conditions. However, the main and biggest difference between the two is that RV covers are much taller than metal carports. They are built into such conditions to match the height and protection needs of recreational vehicles.

Extend the fun of your road trip by ensuring that your recreational vehicle is in good condition. To do so, having an RV cover for it is a must. Not only does it benefit the vehicle itself but also saves you from the additional expenses that may come due to the damages brought by inclement weather conditions. Contact us now! We provide state-of-the-art RC cover building services that can be accustomed to your preferences.

For vehicles to last long and serve their purpose properly, providing or having a station for it is a must. These metal carports are one of the needs that come along whenever you purchase a vehicle. So what are you waiting for? Contact us! And together, let’s build a metal carport that will protect your vehicle.

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One of the best ways to protect your RV from various elements is with the use of RV Covers. These steel structures are specifically built for RVs and to provide these vehicles with the protection it needs.

Planning to build an RV Cover for your vehicle? Here are some of the roofing styles you can choose from.

Types of RV Covers

  • Regular
    This regular-style roofing has the ability to provide your vehicle with the protection it needs at a very reasonable price. Rather than the roof extending out to form an eave on the sides, the ends of each truss are curved downwards thus providing additional height without incurring any additional cost.
  • Boxed Eave / “A” Frame
    This kind of roofing, on the other hand, creates a more traditional and attractive roof line for your RV cover. Similar to the regular style, its metal panels run perpendicular to the roof slope which makes them suitable for warmer and drier climates that do not require maximum drainage.
  • Vertical
    Last but not least is the vertical style roofing for RV covers. In this type of roofing, the metal panels and ribs run parallel to the slope thus creating more efficient drainage. Additionally, it reduces the risk of having snow or debris build-up on the roof.

How is it Built?

Step 1: Choosing the Design and Size
In every construction project, the very first step in its development is choosing and finalizing the design and size of the metal structure.

Step 2: Engineering and Manufacturing
Once the design and sizes have been finalized and approved, the fabrication of your steel building now follows. The needed materials in your combo unit construction shall be carefully cut out and prepared for use.

Step 3: Site Preparation
Before the construction has been put into action, the site shall first be examined and leveled out to ensure that the structure will be properly developed.

Step 4: Framing
In this phase, the I-beams and support columns shall be installed.

Step 5: Sheeting
After the framing has been accomplished, the sheeting process follows. Here, the wall panels are installed and secured to the secondary framing. After this follows the roof installation which shall depend on the preferences of the client.

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