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There are tons of ways and materials that are used in constructing various buildings of any size. It can go from cement to wood and many more. However, do you have any idea which one of these is the best pick for various building projects? The answer is metal or steel structures. Other than the durability it offers, its building time or erection time is way faster as compared to the traditional building methods.

Over the years, metal structures have continuously evolved and changed for the better. There had been various additional types that are all tailored to meet certain project conditions. Each of these has played an important role to enable better flexibility over the materials, methods, and structural properties. What sets steel structures above the rest is their high durability property, rot, mold, and shrinkage resistance and steel does not crack, unlike the other building structures.

More and more people have been switching to metal buildings, and maybe its time for you to do so too! With metal structures, you experience the highest convenience and assurance your structure needs in the long run. Build and begin your very own metal structure project now! Contact us! For here at Metal Carport Depot, we are ready to assist you with your steel building project!

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One of the best ways to protect your RV from various elements is with the use of RV Covers. These steel structures are specifically built for RVs and to provide these vehicles with the protection it needs.

Planning to build an RV Cover for your vehicle? Here are some of the roofing styles you can choose from.

Types of Widespan

  • Lesser large columns thus creating an unobstructed floor area
  • Safe, verifiable, and easy connections
  • Wide flat-top chord surface allowing an easy and stable clip attachment
  • Lesser bridging required
  • High durability and strength-to-weight ratios
  • Reinforced die form seats to provide stability and strength

How is it Built?

Step 1: Choosing the Design and Size
In every construction project, the very first step in its development is choosing and finalizing the design and size of the metal structure.

Step 2: Engineering and Manufacturing
Once the design and sizes have been finalized and approved, the fabrication of your steel building now follows. The needed materials in your combo unit construction shall be carefully cut out and prepared for use.

Step 3: Site Preparation
Before the construction has been put into action, the site shall first be examined and leveled out to ensure that the structure will be properly developed.

Step 4: Framing
In this phase, the I-beams and support columns shall be installed.

Step 5: Sheeting
After the framing has been accomplished, the sheeting process follows. Here, the wall panels are installed and secured to the secondary framing. After this follows the roof installation which shall depend on the preferences of the client.

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