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Choosing the right size for you metal building

You cannot just randomly decide on the size of the steel structure you plan to erect. To ensure that it goes in line with everything, you must counter check if it would fit the area designated for construction and of course, if it would accommodate it purpose and your needs properly. Not sure what size to get? Here is a general guide that will help in giving you an idea which to choose.

In every construction type, the sizing would always vary. And when it comes to steel building construction, it has its won standard way of measuring buildings. Additionally, the sizing also differs according to the type of steel building you are going to erect. And along with this is the need to consider the purpose of the metal structure. An example is in building carports. Usually the size of it would depend on the vehicles that will be using it and this concept applies to the other types of steel structures.

Choosing the appropriate height

            Height is very important and should be carefully considered. In every project, you would need a steel structure tall enough to accommodate either your vehicle, RV, or the items to be stored in it. However, you wouldn’t also want it to be too tall as in can cause problems in the long run. Having a small structure on the other would harm and wouldn’t provide the adequate protection or shade against certain elements. Which is why, choosing just the right length for your metal building is highly essential.

Considering the Length

            There are standard industrial lengths you can choose from. It ranges from 21 ft to 31 feet, specifically 21 feet, 26 feet and 31 feet which are in 5 foot increments. For a 21 feet length, in terms of carports, it can accommodate two standard sized vehicles. Thus if you are planning to store or house much bigger vehicle such as trucks, a longer unit would be required. To get the right length, it is recommended to measure the vehicle in question and add on 5 feet to its measurement.

            We have to admit, choosing the right sizing is quite a difficult task especially if you are new to the field of steel construction. Here at Metal Carport Depot, we will be providing you with the information you need in deciding the proper sizing of your steel structure. Our staff will be guiding you and will be diligently laying out the differentiation and uses of the sizes available on the services.

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