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How to Properly Frame Metal Carports

The strength and durability of metal carports are determined by their frames. This is why metal carport frames are such a crucial factor when it comes to its development.

Planning to build a metal carport frame but still unsure of how it should be properly built? Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you through its processes:

Measure the Area
First and foremost, you must measure out the area where the metal carport frame shall be located. Make sure that it comes in a form of a rectangle since the corner posts of the metal carport frames will be stationed at the corners of the rectangular area.

Once you have placed the posts on the ground, it is now time to install a support header whose end should be half inches away from the edge of the building. And from there, you can secure the headers in place with the use of lag screws.

Dropping a Plumb Line
The next step to be performed is the dropping of the plumb line. Ensure that the plumb lines are dropped in each corner of the header with their positions marked. Once this has been accomplished, you now have a starting point for the metal carport.

From there, attach and fasten a string and measure the length of the carport and the distance between the two marks and the two stakes.

Roof Placement
It is now time to put the roof in place or frame the metal carport. For the dimensions to be used for the frame, you will be utilizing the measurements you have taken from the previous step.

One important thing to take note of in building a metal carport frame is that you have to make sure that your metal carport exists square with the building. To do this, you have to make use of right-angle string lines and measure three ft out of the building from one plumb line and mark it.

In this process, the posts are going to be set and anchored to the concrete piers. In addition, it should be ensured that the posts are positioned in order to create a square construction. While this is being accomplished, it should continuously be checked with the string and triangular method mentioned in the earlier steps.

Key Takeaways
Now you know the simplified steps in framing metal carports. You can also check out our previous blog which centers on metal carport canopy.

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