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Before garages are made and used to the client’s preferences, they underwent several steps which are properly followed in every building process. Take a look at what these are below:

How is it Built?

Step 1: Choosing and Finalization of Design
In every client, their wants and needs differ. This is why before the project gets started, it is important to choose the style of your metal garage.

Step 2: Survey and Preparation
The garage will then be surveyed and prepped which shall be determined by the contract and the building permit. All this shall be properly handled by your chosen partner.

Step 3: Garage Construction Framing
Once the permit has been approved and the garage design has been finalized, it is now time, to begin with, the framing of the garage. Here, the walls, windows, and roofs shall be installed according to your desired design.

Step 4: Overhead Door Installation
After the framing of the garage has been completed, we then move on to the installation of overhead doors. You may specify your wants regarding its visuals or you may also opt for the standards.

Step 5: Final Inspection
Before your newly built garage is put into use, there would be a final inspection regarding all its features. The garage shall be discreetly assessed to ensure that it is ready to be used.

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