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Steel Building Construction in Oregon: What are the types?

Throughout the years, our world’s infrastructures have changed tremendously. Over that long span of time, various materials have been used in its construction. Dating back to the present times, do you have any idea what material is most popularly used nowadays? The answer is steel.

            Steel building construction is often used for both conventional and residential/commercial structures and even on specialized structures such as bridges. The construction of steel buildings is more complex than you think. It encompasses a list of types that all possess their own distinct characteristics. Take a look at what these are below:

Steel Building Frame Structure

            When we talk about the frames of a structure, it covers the steel beams and columns. It is one of the most vital areas that should be given proper attention and effort since it will serve as the foundation of the structure to be built. Under this type, the ability of the frames to withstand vertical and horizontal loads should be guaranteed.

Steel Grid Structure

            If steel building frames focus on the beams and the like, steel grid structure on the other hand encompasses the ability of the infrastructure to possess seismic resistance. This type compromises many rods along with small space stress, lightweight, and high rigidity seismic resistance that can be used as a gymnasium, and exhibition hall.

Portal Frame Steel Building Structures

            Unlike the first two types mentioned, portal frame steel building structures focus on a different aspect. It compromises hot-rolled or welded section steels that are used for light roof and wall structures. In addition, it is deemed the most common form of light steel structure.

Steel Truss Structure

            Last but not least are steel truss structures. This type is ideally made up of several rods hinged at both ends of each rod. Additionally, it can be divided into plane truss and space truss, tube truss, and angle steel truss. Each of these is generally composed of the upper chord, vertical chord, lower chord, diagonal web, and inter-truss support.

            One interesting fact about this type is that the amount of steel used in trusses is less than that of solid beams but with greater rigidity.

Key Takeaways

            In the industry of steel building construction, there are a lot of factors that are always considered. Factors that affect the type of variation the client needs. If there comes a time when the customer is unsure of what steel building construction service they need, our staff will be guiding them through the decision-making up until the end!

            Contact us, and together let’s develop the steel building you wish to achieve.

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