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Top 5 Best Steel Buildings to Choose from in Colorado

Steel buildings have been continuously making their stand in the construction industry. It has several kinds and types to choose from providing people with more choices. However, since not all of us are well-versed in steel buildings and their types, it makes it quite difficult to know which one works for you. And with a lot of choices to choose from customers become unsure of their decisions.

            Good thing that we have narrowed it down to 5 of the most used and best steel buildings and Colorado to help you choose the right one for the project. Check them out below:

Arch Style

            When it comes to arch-style steel buildings, these are prefabricated buildings that are made from corrugated steel. One distinct feature of arch-style buildings is their semicircular cross-section and appearance. These types of buildings have rounded roof that leads to much lesser usable interior space.

            Two of the most notable advantages of this are its lower price point and its ability to shed snow when needed.

Open Web Truss

            Rather than solid steel beams, the truss in this type of steel building is made up of v-shaped cross sections. It makes use of much lesser steel throughout the framing that can subject to much lesser cost in the end. However, this also brings much lesser tensile strength to the trusses. Additionally, the rafters in the open web truss do not slope.

Hybrid Open Web Truss

            Along with its name, a hybrid open web truss is a mixture of solid steel columns and an open web truss that enables it to span up to 300’ without having to add columns. This type of building is actually a new building system that has just been recently taking over the industry.

            The main advantage of this steel building is its ability to run electrical in rafters and do a clear span of up to 300’.

Tube Steel

            When it comes to carports, the best steel for them is tube steel. These are hollow tubes that come in various shapes that go from round to square and other shapes. Many people usually mistake these as pipes but in actuality, their dimensions are significantly different from pipes. Its best fit for carports is brought by its lightweight structure.

            The notable pros of tube steel are the lower price point it offers and its DIY-friendly process that allows them to be erected with the use of common household tools.

C-Channel Buildings

            Last but not least is C-Channel Buildings. These types of steel buildings are the ones commonly applied on garages, agricultural spaces, offices, and even on storage houses. C-Channel buildings possess a framing that is commonly shaped like the letter “C” which is installed back to back. The reason why this type is typically used in the mentioned types of structures of because it is similar to I-beams and its inclusivity of 3070 door and frame opening.

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