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Understand your Metal Buildings

In building your steel building structure, it os very important to be versed on the standards, characteristics and materials of the structure. Just like the other building structures, the characteristics and performance of a steel building is affected by the components used in the building process. Let’s take a look at the different components, parts and accessories of metal buildings you may find useful later on.

In the field of metal structures, a lot of foreign terms and components shall be introduced to you. These terminnologies shall define and an play an important role in the development of your project. Here are some that you should take note of:

Anchor Bolts – these are the ones in charge of providing support to the anchor members.

BaseRails – these are square tubes that run along the sides of a steel building.

Bow – it shapes the building and roots it at the same time.

Clip – these are angles or plates used to join two or more members together.

Clear Span – they provide a clear space without the use of any internal support.

Concrete Anchors – along with rebar on concrete, it is also used to form the base of the building wherein it is secured to the concrete.

Drift – the snow accumulations at a high discontinuity

Downspout – these are pipes that carry rainwater from the rain gutter of the building.

Erector – assembles the metal building system

Extended Gable Ends – extended gable ends are deeper than the standard gable ends, its extension go down as much as 3 ft from the top of the legs of your metal building.

Foundation – the substructure on which the building rests

Fixed Base – resists notation and movement

Galvanize – a protective covering applied to steel or iron that prevents rusting

Headers – adds strength an resilience to door frames.

High Strength Bolts – bolts that have strength summing over 100000 pounds per square inch.

Insulation – reduces heat transfer in buildings

Jamb – the side column of a door side

Jig – holds pieces of materials during fabrication.

Knee – connects the column and rafter.

Leg or Corner Braces – steel channels that reinforce steel buildings which can go from 2 ft long to an upgrade of 3ft.

Panels – encloses and protects the items inside the steel building.

Rafter – supports the roof system of a metal building.

Trim – often used on carport sizes that lens your building a finished look.

Truss – it is the triangular-shaped building frame that offers high durability.             These are only a few of the many components and accessories of metal buildings. Want to learn more about them and how they can be applied to you project? Contact us now!

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